Whiskey sour and online correspondence

Whiskey sour and real-life stories you can send to happyperdition@gmail.com

One of the things in the world that I am a big fan of is intoxication. Now, I am using that term very loosely here, mind you. I am not only referring to being inebriated on illegal amounts of my favorite poison (whiskey sour), but on two other things as well: one,  on extreme emotions, the kind that can make my heart beat wildly, like mad love, passion, sexual tension, unquenchable desire, even fear; two, on the sensation I get from hearing stories, real-life stories from people (even those who I’ve just met, even strangers). The latter might seem odd for some of you, and maybe it is. But there is this certain high that I get from talking to people, which is why I think I’m very lucky for my job (including my previous jobs) because I get to hear different stories from different people: from popular personalities, to ordinary people coming from far-flung communities. And I am not choosy when it comes to stories: it can be the most trivial ones, or it can be the ones that may have tremendous  effects in our society; it can be from kids and with how they see the world, or it can be from much older and highly educated people who are quite pragmatic when it comes to the ways of the world.

With this, I encourage everyone to send me their stories, to tell me about yourselves, to share what has happened to your day, or to even consult me with what is bothering you lately. No story, no thought is too small for me, as long as we can have an online discourse, an online dialogue. I can share your stories here, post your letters, or if you wish, we can keep our email correspondence private. Yesterday, shortly after I posted my email address on the sidebar (and even without a formal announcement through a blog entry), I already got my first letter-sender. And boy, was I thrilled! 🙂

Get me drunk, intoxicate me, and send in my fix. Send me a letter at this address: happyperdition@gmail.com

I really hope to hear from any of you. 🙂


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