Talking to myself through here

I think a lot of people living alone have that penchant to talk to themselves. How they deliberate decisions, how they go over what transpired during the day…they tell these things to themselves, sometimes babbling on rather endlessly.

It isn’t lonely, as some (who are used to being with other people in a house) would think. It is liberty.

In my case, though, I talk to myself (upon arriving home) sometimes through incessant tweeting. This practice (barrage-tweeting in the evening) is something I plan not to continue, though, because it is an effort that should be focused on blogging.

For several years already, even before Twitter, even before Facebook, even before I lived alone, blogging has been my form of “talking to myself,” using a new URL site, one after another, after another. Soliloquy in front of an unknown audience, scattered through different sites, across cyber space. And then Facebook and Twitter came along, and we know how that, in so many ways, became detrimental to most writers and bloggers.

So, what is the point of this blog entry? I guess, this is just me forewarning whoever would visit this page that there will be more soliloquys in the future. Right now, I am posting on this blog using my Blackberry, not even checking my syntax nor my spellings. Just blabbing and talking to myself and preventing myself from endless tweeting and just trying to fall asleep.

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