The favorite scapegoat

(A break from my usual grind)

Because, lately, it seems like if something f*cked up happened, chances are I’m the one responsible for it. Even in instances that I am very detached to, even in instances where I thought I didn’t have any involvement in, some voice would just go (either in front of me or behind my back): “Oh, wait. Lilith is to blame. Lilith was responsible for it!”

So, to cut the fake deliberations short, to save people the time it takes before deciding to choose me (yet again) as the easy scapegoat, I am taking full responsibility of everything horrible that will happen in the future. I even made my personal Venn diagram for this:

P.S. I am trying my best to conform and to please everybody. And I am getting really tired and f*cking pissed about this situation.



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